CPA – Center for Consulting & Analytical Services

The CPA laboratory, built as part of an independent academic establishment, serves as a calibrated and certified workplace which will make it possible to compare the quality of digitised film copies and also to perform sampling and analyses of surviving film archival materials. The laboratory has available unique equipment, in particular a water-cooled KINOTON film projector which allows to project nitrate archival materials, negatives and positive copies in formats 16mm and 35mm and, at the same time, it is equipped with a 4K digital calibrated projector BARCO and an inspection table FVT1600 which is the only one that exists in the Czech Republic. What is available is an exact spectrophotometer which can e.g. help to check other meters and calibration devices when adjusting the image quality of digital cinemas. The research takes place here on a device that perfectly allows research of quality and degree of damage of film archival materials. The above-mentioned devices are specially adapted to form a unique functional unit which is unprecedented in our country. In the CPA laboratory, also historic copiers OXBERRY and DEBRIE MATIPO 35mm Step Printer are located which make it possible to carry out the original copying operations that could be carried out until recently only at the already closed down Barrandov Film Laboratories.

The whole facility is operated by highly skilled researchers of the NAKI project research team. They are specialists in cine-camera, creation of sound, production, film history, special effects film and digital supervision, expert service in the area of special effects and copying and legal consultancy. The team consists of experienced digital restorers who have already done several demanding film digitisations with outstanding results. Digitisation progresses in line with the DRA Method – a Digitally Restored Autorizate which is being developed and is ready for certification.