Dr. Ing. Libor Husník

Assistant lecturer at the Department of Radio Engineering of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Dissertation (1995) on the topic of modelling an electrostatic converter. Professional activities are concentrated mostly in the area of electroacoustics, in the last ten years, on the topic of digital speaker. Another area of research is subjective quality evaluation, at an earlier stage, evaluating the quality of the audio compressors, later the interaction of the quality of sound and video qualities of a multimedia signal. Supervisor of two doctoral students who successfully defended their respective theses. Teaching is focused primarily on electro and room acoustics in the following subjects: Multimedia Technology, Sound Technology, Multimedia, Architecture Acoustics under Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programmes. Regular hosting at Université du Maine where teaching either under the Erasmus programme or as an invited professor. Scientific stay (4 months in total) at Laboratoire d Acoustique et Mecanique, part of the CNRS Marseille. Currently, the Chairman of the Czech section of the Audio Engineering Society.